Vogue Lease Rental Terms and Conditions

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  1. The Period of Rental begins immediately when rented item/garment is ready for your collection on the “Collection Date”. The Period of Rental ends when complete items are returned at its original conditions on the “Return Date”.

  1. The complete rental items include rented garment, hanger and garment bag. Missing of the Original Hanger and Garment Bag provided will subject to penalty charges of RM 20 and RM 50 respectively.

  1. The full amount of Rental Fee will be charged when the rental reservation is made. Fees/ Deposits paid for reservation is strictly non-cancellable and not refundable.

  1. Renter is not allowed to exchange to other Dress/Gown/Garment within the last 7 days of the original Collection Date. Penalty fees at 50% of the original rental fee will apply on last minute changes of dress/gown/garments.

  1. The Security Deposit is to be paid on the “Collection Date” stated above. Solely on Cash Term basis only.

  2. Security Deposits will be refunded within 5 working days once the rented item/garment is returned in its original condition. In the event where the rented item/garment is damaged (torn, stained, discolouration), Vogue Lease has Full Rights to offset any monetary claims (repair/replacement costs) against the Security Deposit. Should the rented item/garment unrepairable or lost, the full amount of the Security Deposit will be forfeited immediately.

  3. Renter agreed that the rented item/garment will be used in a manner for which it was reserved and specified for.

  4. Renter is strictly prohibited to alter/modify/wash/clean/iron/steam the rented item/garment in any way.

  5. Renter agreed to return the rented item/garment on the “Return Date” stated above. Renter agreed to pay a fine of RM50 per day for late returns.

  6. Extension of rental period is subject to approval from Vogue Lease and Renter will be charged additional daily fee; prorated against the total rental fees.

  7. Cancellation is Strictly Prohibited. However, Vogue Lease allows the Rental fees/Security Deposits to be converted in the form of Store’s credit for future utilisation, valid only for 6 months from date of cancellation. The Store Credit is strictly non-refundable in cash terms.

  8. Renter understood and agreed to all the Terms & Conditions stated above. Vogue Lease reserves the right to amend any of the above Terms & Conditions without prior notice.